Well this year we have seen some pretty serious and innovative changes done by Microsoft. These changes are related to the web browsing, privacy concerns and other design changes to launching of new office edition. This time, Microsoft has launched a new Office app for Windows 10 users that looks to make using the company’s products even easier. Now,this new Office App for windows 10 will replace the current My Office app.

According to the Microsoft the new tool looks to provide a more useful way for Windows 10 users. The new Office App for Windows 10 is there to have rapid find and access Office documents, apps and services.

New Office App for Windows 10

Microsoft new app is free to use and will come pre-installed with Windows 10 going forward. But users won’t need an Office 365 subscription to use it. This app will be installed from the Microsoft Store if needed as well. The launch comes as part of Microsoft’s efforts to promote the usage of its online version of Office. That has free versions of popular programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, even if you’re not a subscriber to Office 365.

The new Office App for Windows 10 presents a full list of all the services and apps available to the user. Not only has that it had all the tutorials, tips and tricks, and other helpful information for Microsoft’s office solutions.

Microsoft says that IT administrators will also be able to customize the app, adding branding and enabling access to third parties, as well as utilizing Microsoft Search to create internal search apps. Microsoft is also allowing IT admins to customize the Office app to allow businesses to brand it and provide access to third-party apps and Microsoft Search. You can download the new Office app from the Microsoft Store