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The new Microsoft Outlook for iOS becomes blue, complete with new animations and a move away from the traditional all-white design. While beta testers have had access for more than a month, the new design is rolling out to everyone using Outlook for iOS. The most notable change will be the immediate blue bar at the top of the app, but most of the design work is very delicate.

The app gets a new interface, most notable being the addition of the blue bar on the top. Besides that, it has new features include custom swipe actions, deeper integration of the calendar, and more.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS

There are subtle changes here and there that are designed to polish up the Outlook for iOS experience. The calendar icon animates when you’re moving backwards and forwards, and swiping to take actions on emails now includes haptic feedback so it feels like you’re moving an email. While you might not immediately notice these changes, there’s one very obvious and blue addition at the top of the app.

“The blue was not there [on iOS],” says Miles Fitzgerald, who leads the mobile design for Outlook. “We’re bringing the family together, and we’re proud of our brand.” The blue was part of Android, but this latest design is clearly a bigger effort to move away from the all white design of Outlook for iOS that originally shipped as an app to compete with Apple’s built-in mail app.’

There’s a new favorite folder feature to improve managing and filing of emails. Microsoft has also enabled avatars in the core inbox of Outlook for iOS, making it easier to glance at and find emails from contacts. These little improvements extend to showing your calendar inline in an email when you receive a calendar invite, or showing recent contacts and search queries in the search part of the app.