The company Microsoft obsessed with the touch and giant control display technology. Latestly, there we have a Microsoft Surface Hub 2 S. It is an innovative touchscreen displays. Now in offices, there will be touchscreen display PC available in both 50 and 85 inch versions. And it will cover your giant conference room. Well, it is not the only thing, Microsoft have something more in its mind.

This time besides the offices or professional us, it’s really designed for meeting rooms of the future. Where people are expected to collaborate using the screen, rather than just sit and watch a presentation.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 S

While talking about the earlier Surface models, the Surface Pro is the template all other PC tablets follow, and the Surface Studio is the envy of other all-in-ones.  Besides that the Surface Laptop has pushed PC builders towards more cohesive design and unusual materials. Now, Microsoft is bring that same attention to the office with the Surface Hub 2S.

Technical Specs

Coming to the tech of this news expensive Microsoft Surface Hub 2 S, the fist version has 50.5-inch display. That’s smaller than any previous Hub. Nevertheless, it is with ability to attach multiple Surface Hub 2 devices together, Microsoft offers a more expansive and customizable whiteboard system than the first-generation devices.

The 3:2 displays is described as “4K+” which works out to 3,820 x 2,560 resolution. The panel supports 10-bit color, refreshes at 60Hz, and supports 10-point multitouch. On the other hand, the 85 inch version will unveiled later and there are no specific details are out there.

Coming to the connectivity, it includes one USB-A port one, USB-C/DP port, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, and Mini-DisplayPort. The Hub 2S also has four USB-C ports, one on each flank, dedicated to the camera or to data.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S will arrive with rather modest internals. The base unit has an 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 128GB solid state hard drive.

The Hub 2S will be released in June 2019 in North America at $9,000 for the 50.5-inch model. This model will have accessories like Surface Hub 2 Pen and Surface Hub 2 Camera accessories.  But it doesn’t include the Steelcase Roam easel or the APC battery pack.