Modern jackets and the latest sneakers are always going to be top of men’s lust lists. But the right pair of trousers can be the most quietly powerful item you wear. There is always less space for men’s fashion than off women. Well there are Still lot more trends and style which make you trendy and stylish. Especially, the new range of trousers nowadays can make your day a perfect and comfortable.

Well besides the jeans and other informal suiting, trousers are also well in. Now you can have lot more verity and range to choose from them. Here are some of the trouser styles that you might not have considered, but definitely should.

Corduroy Trousers

Cord textile is the combination woven, twisted cotton or wool, resulting in parallel lines. Wool corduroy is the toughest type and wears particularly well. So, as well as giving a bit of external intelligence, cord trousers will withstand a fair bit of rough and tumble. They are bit warm in nature, so they are best suitable for cooler months. This stripy fabric also does an excellent job of adding a touch of personality to more formal clothing.

Wool Trousers

Before the jeans taken over, Wool trousers were the Perfect both for styling with other tailored separates or smartening a casual getup. Wool trousers have been a mainstay amongst industry insiders for years – and their popularity isn’t showing any signs of waning. While you’ll often see them dressed down with a pair of sneakers by arbiters of cool hanging outside loft offices leisurely puffing on roll-ups, they work just as well styled in a more traditional way.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers lend themselves well to both formal and off-duty settings, though you’re undoubtedly in safer territory with the former. Cropped chinos in a sand color will work well with a simple white shirt, premium suede bomber and white sports trainers. Ankle swingers, allows your ankles to breathe in summer while still giving airtime to your footwear in cooler months. Cropped trousers are a great way to spice up what can be a tired formal outfit.

Cargo Pants

Cargo trousers have enjoyed something of a preserved history, going from army essential to early naughtiest over-sized monstrosity. But it is time for more stylish and innovative style of cargo pants. Well the key is about the cargo trousers, to ensure that they hit the middle ground between slim and spacious.  You can technically fill their big pockets to the brim, but to remain clean you can have empty pockets as well.

Relaxed-Legged Trousers

Well the Levi’s 501 cut is definitely back on the radar of menswear’s most stylish trousers. Relaxed legged trousers are just right for providing a platform for a standout piece of footwear, looser-cut chinos and trousers need to break perfectly. Too long and they’ll look like the floor-dragging boot-cuts, too high and you’ll look like you’re wearing three-quarter lengths.