After Apple has called off its Airpower, now there is new Mophie’s new AirPower is available on its website. So, it says that after 18 months, where Apple failed, Mophie may have succeeded. Thus, next week it begins selling new multi-device AirPower alternatives from popular accessory maker Mophie. According to reports, these new solutions include a dual wireless charging base, as well as a 3-in-1 option. Both are now available in many countries across Europe, and likely coming to the United States soon.

Whereas, in terms of design, both new Mophie chargers feature a glossy black finish and appear to be quite thick, especially in comparison to AirPower.

Mophie’s new AirPower

According to the website, the company revealed a pair of multi-device pads, each of which provides 7.5W of charging output. The dual version price $99.95 allows you to boost the battery charge on a Qi-enabled iPhone and AirPods at the same time. Other than these, it is with a USB-A port that allows charging another device through a cable.

Besides that, the 3-in-1 model ($139.95) adds an Apple Watch stand, through which you can charge your smartwatch at the same time as your phone and AirPods, with a dedicated cavity for the latter. Mophie suggests the Watch stand is at an ideal angle for Nightstand Mode.

However, the 3-in-1 Charging Base likely won’t support charging two iPhones at once as it features a specialized cutout designed for AirPods. The built-in Apple Watch charger would also likely get in the way of two iPhones.

The company is just the latest entry into the crowded multi-device wireless charging industry. It is prominent, however, that this is the first AirPower alternative being sold by Apple. While Apple does sell a Belkin multi-device charger, it only supports one Qi device alongside Apple Watch.