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Coming to printing, still 3D printing is marking its impact in market. Beside all, 3D printing was still creating waves in manufacturing in 2018. On the important but interesting one, manufacturing companies are using the tech for things like weight reduction and cost savings. More interestingly, architects carried out a number of experiments that pushed the artistic limits of what 3D printing can do.

So in order to give the details, following are the best 3D printed happened in 2018. Their design, style, material and placed all done in 3D. So, here are some of creations that stand tall during this year.


In the Dutch Design Week this year, MX3D’s printed pedestrian bridge will be installed in Amsterdam. On the other hand, the project has taken four years to execute. The company told the website 3Ders that the bridge’s production process can now be completed in six months. The 40-foot (12-meter) bridge was originally going to be built on site and printed right over the water, but logistical and environmental concerns halted this plan. Instead, robotic arms and welding machines created it in one of the company’s workshops so it can be hoisted into place.


Besides there are some notable new experiments in using 3D printing for construction this year. But a company called Icon claimed that they can make a 650-square-foot (60-square-meter) house in just 12 to 24 hours. The first home made using Icon’s technology was unveiled at in Austin, Texas. In October the startup announced $9 million in funding to expand its printing projects. People have been trying to make 3D-printed houses for a while, but engineers are making the things still with the same old materials and methods.


Now coming to space and its technology, we have seen a new 3D-printing system went to the International Space Station. Rather than requiring new material, the Refabricator can turn old plastic items into filament, the plastic material it needs to create new parts. Most of the printer’s operations will be controlled from the ground for the test. The experiment will be able to test out a highly valuable use of printers for space travel. So, if astronauts are able to re-purpose 3D-printing materials multiple times, that will help them a lot with things and will make their stay longer.