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The new Alienware Area-51m laptop has arrived, and it’s a gigantic. A big product from Dell’s in-house gaming brand revealed at CES 2019. The huge modern machine has big 17-inch gaming system more than lives up to the hype: Dell calls it “the world’s most powerful gaming laptop,” and it’s the product of several years of design and engineering work.

Alienware revealed its new Area-51m, as the most powerful gaming laptop in the world. In spirit, the Area-51m is more of a desktop PC with all the advantage of a laptop. Not only the RAM, but battery, hard drive, CPU, and GPU of the laptop are exchangeable.

Alienware Area-51M

This new monstrous gaming machine has a 17.3-inch display, which comes in many 1080p options. These options include a 60Hz panel; G-Sync support at 60 Hz; 144Hz with G-Sync support, 144Hz with Tobii eye tracking; or 144Hz with both of the features. The gaming laptop has a minimalistic but sleek design with an oval LED light on the back and a multi-colored keyboard. Besides that, The Area-51m also runs Intel’s desktop Z390 chipset and you can put up to a 1TB 2.5-inch hybrid drive and up to two 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSDs inside the machine.

While coming to the specification of this laptop, it has Intel’s 9th Gen i7-8700, i7-9700K, or i9-9900K, the fastest gaming CPUs you can buy. For those hardcore gamers, there’s plenty of firepower. Not only these features, The Alienware Area-51m also offers four RAM slots, with support for up to 64GB of 2400MHz memory. The machine is with two PCIe M.2 SSD slots and a hard drive bay offering plenty of options for configuring your storage setup. Apart from that, there is a Graphics Form Factor (DGFF) GPU slot for NVIDIA’s RTX 20-series cards up to a GeForce RTX 2080.

The Area-51m looks to solve both of these issues by borrowing heavily from the desktop PC market’s playbook. In fact, it essentially is a desktop PC, right down to support for the same desktop Intel Core processors, only with a battery, screen, and keyboard built in.