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In the era of communication and information rather quick communication and information, many social media Apps allows you to do that. As the communication means are making its way, the privacy becomes the biggest and fundamental issue. So, as for WhatsApp as well, over past few months world widest useable social media app has made lots of changes. Now there is new WhatsApp control option. It will allow you to block yourself adding to group chats.

Well new WhatsApp control option introduction will permit the user to set the limit who can add to group messages. Not only will that it let the user to stop people from adding you to groups if they’re not a contact in your address book.

New WhatsApp Control Option

Earlier, the feature is one part of a host of changes the service is making to try and stop misinformation from easily spreading. WhatsApp announced that it is rolling out changes to its messaging app to give users more control over how they connect with groups, thereby addressing one of the most distinct privacy issues on the platform. So, new WhatsApp control option will help you to control the information and communication according to user’s own choice.

The Facebook-owned service said that users will now have an option to control who adds them to groups. Users can choose between Nobody, My Contacts (people whose phone numbers they have saved in their phone), and Everyone.  And assuming they don’t have any reservations about random people adding them to different groups.

On the other hand, if someone tries to add you on the group and you prevent it. It will ask from the person to send you a private link with the details of the group and will remain active for 72 hours. After that it will be removed if you choose ‘nobody’ option.

The new feature is available in Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, WhatsApp said, adding that it is beginning to roll the option out to some users starting today. The feature will roll out to users around the world in the coming weeks, the company added, but they will need the most updated version of WhatsApp to access it.

This new WhatsApp control option arrived, after massive number of users has spoken out their frustration over the spamming and unwanted messages. As they say that they have been added to the groups without their permission and after that they have to deal with it.