Besides the bikes, heavy bikes, super bikes and there are now designed electric bikes as well. Recently, a French company has introduced its unique designed bike in market. The Newron’s curved-wood electric motorcycle design is appeal and looks. Well, this amazing looking electric motorcycle design that it plans to do a limited production run of in 2020. For the design, company uses the wooden bodywork, organically curved surfaces and a wild with cylindrical battery.

Besides that, company says that there will be only 12 examples initially. And they will be available next year 2020.

Newron’s Curved-Wood Electric Motorcycle

As the technology is moving on, so well in field of transportation new designs are making their impact as well. Electric motorcycle designs have been getting increasingly creative lately. Earlier, riders have seen the attractive, rounded, light electric motorcycles to aggressive, borderline phallic concept motorcycles. Thus, the e-bikes offer an amount of design latitude that just isn’t attainable with gas motorcycles.

While, coming to the Newron electric motorcycle, it is built around the large central battery pack, a design theme that runs common in many other electric motorcycles. The large, cylindrical pack running up at an angle from the middle of the bike, covered in neat-looking blue light accents. It has the air of some of the big, beautiful multi-row radial aircraft engines of old.

On the other hand, the makers say that e-bike will have a 75kW motor. And this motor will enable it covers the distance up to 300km on a single charge from the barrel-shaped battery pack. Other than this, the battery is packs in front of the rider’s very aerodynamically-shaped seat.

This electric bike will deliver 240Nm of torque; Newron Motors (says the limited edition electric motorbike will cost €60,000.