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After launching the focal smart glasses, North has announced new essential features for the Focals smart glasses. The North Focals smart glasses is now with added features like Music playback controls, note transcriptions, and transit directions. When it was launched there were some in built features. And these features were Text messaging, turn-by-turn directions, the ability to call and track an Uber, Amazon Alexa, day-to-day updates and more.

While with the recent add on features the smart glasses by North will have more say. As earlier when it launched the company eventually dropped its price.

North Focals Smart Glasses

Now talking about the new features added to focal smart glasses, the company added support for Spotify controls. Users will be able to skip songs, see a track’s title/artist. And they can adjust the volume of their connected listening device from the glasses’ accompanying control ring, called the Loop.

On the other hand, The Company’s also rolling out direction updates that will provide steps to take for transit, as well as delays. Users can also share their ETAs with contacts North focals features Alexa integration which would allow the user to hear the latest news, view the weather forecast, stream music, control the smart appliances in the home, and more. The glasses will show you upcoming appointments from the calendar, can also let you arrange Uber send a text and navigate with turn-by-turn directions.

Besides that, by tapping the Loop a couple times, an email can be sent to your colleagues informing them that you will be late for a meeting or won’t be able to make it. A new feature called Rewind, when enabled, will record the audio content of a meeting. When it’s over, user will receive the recording as well as a transcribed text copy of the meeting in an email.