RHA is one of those companies who come up with the best hearing devices with high quality and low price. Company is specialized in earphones making and introduced, its best model to date has been the T20. The T20 Wireless matches the price of the former T20i Made for iPhone model at $249.95, promising to deliver the same exciting sound signature and quality. Besides the wireless, the company offer minimal wire earphone as well.

The new earphones are connected by a neckband, and use RHA’s proprietary DualCoil drivers, which are designed to reproduce “refined, high-resolution audio. Besides that earphones have fidelity aptX Bluetooth.

RHA T20 Earphones

While, the ultimate feature of any wireless thing is its battery time. Therefore, the battery of these new neckbuds seems to run down at a rate that puts their battery life closer to 12 hours when connected to an iPhone. But their sound doesn’t match its former refinement. But both of those are small detraction, and there’s still a lot to like about the T20 Wireless. The excellent feature if these wireless earphones are the quality of audio, they have matchless audio quality. Coming to the design, it is crisp, balanced listening, and will probably suit audiophiles best. On the other hand, the Bass filter is made to highlight the lowest frequencies in rock and hip-hop tracks.

Importantly, there’s the Treble filter, which is designed to “highlight details in the upper frequencies. Besides that it is ideal for jazz, acoustic, or classical tracks”. The RHA T20 Wireless headphones also come with an optional 3.5mm wired connection as well. The company says can deliver Hi-Res Audio and a frequency range of 16Hz – 40,000Hz.

Without the wired connection, it has a universal remote, which allows users to “switch between music, calls, and digital assistant functions at the touch of a button”. The wireless earphones come with silicone and foam eartips, in a range of sizes to suit every ear.