Today, smart phones do everything, from reading apps to recording apps. But, you can replace them with the original gadgets made for particular thins. So, is the Roland’s R-07 voice recorder is about as big as an original iPod and is designed for music recording, practice and playback. It features two microphones on top as well as an auxiliary microphone input. It also includes a headphone jack and supports Bluetooth.

There are a lot of pocket audio recorders out there. But the Roland R-07 is a portable recorder that has risen above the competition.

Roland’s R-07 Voice Recorder

It’s an easy accessory for anyone who wants to record audio on the go. With advanced features that make it far superior to using your phone. But for filmmakers especially, the R-07 offers a solution for wireless recording that makes it a vital addition to any gear bag. The Roland R-07 can record to both WAV and Mp3 files at the standard variety of khz and kbps flavors. It has a built-in hybrid limiter, as well as dual recording. So, it enables the user to record a safety track with more headroom.

On the other hand, For musicians there’s a tuner and metronome, and it also has a rehearsal function which enables you to press just one button, demo your sound, and the R-07 will adjust your levels automatically. Besides all the features, there’s also a Scene feature as well. This allows you to create custom settings for various recording scenarios. It involves interviews, music demos, board rooms, field recordings, and so on. After that, user all need to do is select the particular Scene and all the relevant settings will follow.

You can record to a MicroSD card, which is housed deeper within the unit than most pocket recorders. And you can power the R-07 with two AA batteries or via external USB bus power. Alongside the other features, the R-07 has an assortment of options for file naming, display adjustments, and recording preferences as well. You can choose stereo or mono for the external mic, and you can add plug-in power for mics that require it. There’s also a pre-record option that’s super handy.

There’s the wireless connectivity, to both control the recording as well as to monitor with Bluetooth headphones. We’ll get to that in a bit. Finally, the Roland R-07 is available in black, red, or white.