There many people in world that always looks for the best and expensive items and gadgets. So, those who can spare $47,000 will have Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest. It is basically hybrid between a picnic basket and a cooler but expensive gadget. But those who can afford the Rolls-Royce can also have this piece of luxury item a well.

Well, the Champagne Chest by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a modern and sociable addition to the Accessories Collection. But only few people can afford this luxury.

Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest

While talking about the idea, the approach behind the designing a Rolls-Royce motor car is to have the best of best in all aspects. That is what has been done behind its make. This gadget is crafted for those that seek a heightened sense of occasion in an elegant, entertaining manner and offers the irresistible allure of gadgetry.

Coming to its details, the chest has a four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes that stow under a collapsible tray. Alongside it has the mother-of-pearl spoons for serving caviar, a caviar cooler, and two larger coolers. The cooler is of course for the champagne and the other for canapés. The entire chest is also lit by similar LED lighting found in Rolls-Royce’s modern cars. T

The automaker describes the champagne chest as having a “chassis, made from machined aluminum and carbon fiber.” It is covered in natural grain black leather that is embossed with the Spirit of Ecstasy and edged by Tudor Oak wood. Those materials are the same as what is found in Rolls-Royce cars.

Besides that, it’s constructed from a combination of machined aluminum and carbon fiber and wrapped in premium, natural grain leather and Tudor Oak.