Samsung has shows its 2019 QLED TV series. The company has unveiled its variety of both 8K and 4K TVs. Alongside, Samsung is introduced updated description of The Frame and Serif sets. They are more focused on design and coming together with home furnishings than on picture quality alone. Samsung is introduced both 75-inch and 82-inch versions of every model in the QLED series. While, the 8K Q900 is gigantic an 85-inch set and enormous 98-inch TV at the top. Well only the bigger screens enable you to tell the difference between the 4K and 8K.

Samsung’s 2019 range of QLED TVs offer. Highlights include deeper blacks with QLED 8K Q950R and 4K Q90/85/80/70 TVs all supporting Direct-Full- Array technology as Samsung looks to take the fight to OLED.

Samsung QLED TV series

The finest Q90 and Q80 series TVs all got the technology, which Samsung calls “Ultra Viewing Angle technology. It reorganizes the TV’s panels so the backlight passes through the panel with lights evenly onto the screen.” The end product of this design, as according to the company, is an enormous picture no matter where everyone is seated in front of the TV. Not only that, it condensed glare is said to be another benefit.

Coming to the Samsung QLED TV series, the Q90, Q80, and Q70 line up sets feature full-array local dimming. As they are with their rear LEDs, that adjusts the brightness according to the scenes.  So adjusting brightness scene by scene or turning off when you don’t need it for optimal contrast and black levels.

This features from the top-of-the-line 8K Q950R to the QLED entry-level Q60R. All in all, Samsung’s total lineup takes in more than 20 models, with a wider range of TV sizes. The 8K Q850R is available in sizes from 65 to 98 in, while the Q90/85/80/70/60R 4K TVs will range from 43 to 82in.

On the other hand, the Tizen-powered software experience is getting smarter and more convenient, Samsung claims. All the QLED TV series will have AirPlay 2 and an iTunes Movies and TV Shows app.