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The Samsung is coming up with new ideas to compete in world of technology with its new robots. Now, Samsung has introduced its three new robots Bot Air, Bot Care and Bot Retail. The company revealed potentially the most exciting products. Samsung’s new robots are built for different purposes. There is a robot for the home, one for air purifying and another for retail situations.

Samsung Bot Air, which uses sensors to monitor air quality and detect pollution sources. And Bot Retail, a platform that will let robotic assistants field customer questions and requests, and help out with ordering and payment tasks.

Samsung’s New Robots

The Bot Care will perform many helpful household tasks, like providing care, especially the elderly. Bot Care is fairly simple, taking the cone-on-wheels approach with a display as a head. That head also contains sensors so that the Bot can navigate, but also take your heart rate and blood pressure as well. While for sleep, it do care for it and other care-related features include reminding you to take your medicine. On the other hand, for the elderly, it can link with IoT sensors that detect when you fall, and the robot will come to where you are, connect you with friends and family, or even call 911.

The Bot Air robot is a lot more specialized, as it can work with sensors in your smart home to determine whether the air quality is safe. The robot can also purify the air, though it’s not clear how that works. Bot Air, is basically an air purifier on wheels.

From two other robots, Bot Retail is a taller robot with a touch-screen as well. It is intended for use in retail and service environments. Bot Retail can give out directions show you food and menu items. Besides that it will deliver coffee and small plates of food, and even take payment for them wirelessly via NFC. In another scenario, the Bot Retail could recommend accessories for your Galaxy Watch in a store.