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The new revision of the Sonos One smart speaker is with enhanced internals. The new Sonos One Gen 2 version will include Bluetooth Low Energy, a faster processor, and more memory than the original Sonos One. Besides that, there are no changes to the external design whatsoever. Basically the Sonos one Gen 2 has not got that exclusive features but this speaker is bit powerful and future ready. Despite the changes, the sound performance remains the same foe Gen One and Gen 2 Sonos One speakers.

Sonos One Gen 2 might not have bigger new features, but it has laid the foundation for more improved versions of speaker in the future. These improvements are only intended to make the speaker’s existing smart functions run more smoothly.

Sonos One Gen 2

Last year, Sonos recognized a lack of “horsepower” prevented several of its older speakers from receiving native AirPlay 2 support. (Those older speakers can still stream AirPlay 2 audio so long as you own another Sonos device that offers it.) So it’s plausible that someday the Gen 2 One might receive an update or feature that doesn’t extend to the original.

As for the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy, right now it’s only being used to make first-time setup of your Sonos hardware a little easier and more convenient. BLE allows for quicker, temporary communication between the Sonos One and your mobile device. Sonos has said it plans to add Google Assistant to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam sometime this year. On the other hand, the enhanced processor and extra memory should help the speaker run more smoothly.