Now the smart e-bikes are just simple e-bike, they have lot more functions and features as well. With latest innovative style and tech, Stark Drive Torque e-bike unlocked with finger scanner. Besides that it is powerful enough to recharge your smartphone. In field of e-bikes, Stark is with promised to offer people with more reasonably priced range. The company is about to launch couple of new electrified models that press some striking capabilities into a relatively affordable package.

The Scandinavian electric bicycle design experts Stark Drive are set to escort in a new era of affordability and power in the e-bike.

Stark Drive Torque e-Bike

The newly revealed Stark Drive Torque models are doing justice to this with a similar pivot mechanism built into tube. It also allows the same level of convenience for those mixing and matching modes of transport. On the other hand, the Stark Drive Torque comes equipped with a chip for NFC communications. Besides that it has fingerprint unlocking that can be shared by various people, and an 18 Ah battery pack. Not only that the e-bike is equipped with USB ports and wireless charging capability to keep mobile devices topped up.

Coming o the tech details, the standard version of the Stark Drive Torque has a 250 W mid-drive motor. This offers 80 Nm of torque, with pedal assistance up to a top speed of 42 km/h (26 mph). But for those after a bit more grunt, the company is offering a far heavier version it calls the Stark Drive Torque Max.

Well, that is with a monstrous 1,000 W Bafang Ultra Max motor and thick off-road tires. So, the brawnier Stark Drive Torque Max offers 160 Nm of torque and can reach a top speed of 62 km/h (38 mph) before the pedal assist cuts out.

Other than these, the Torque will allow users to charge the compatible mobile device wirelessly by just inserting it in the cradle. So, user doesn’t need worry about power outreach. Torque will also have a USB output on the bike computer so that you can still charge your phone when the need arises.