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We’ve all been there…

Trying too hard to trim our beards – and knowing too little about the existing options when it comes to beard trimmers. In times when technology is (too) advanced and when beards are an all-season trend embraced by men of all ages, getting the best beard trimmer is not anymore, a privilege – it’s a common need.

Most of the guys out there believe that growing a beard is difficult. However, the more experienced ‘beard-wearers’ know that controlling one is a bigger challenge. This is why today, we are reviewing the best beard trimmers of 2018.

Below, you can see which option fulfills your need and gets you the best value for money for a grooming tool.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200

Philips is one of the leading brands when it comes to useful tools. When it comes to beard trimming, it is definitely a giant that stands among the best brands.

The new Norelco 7200 proves that in a great way. The tool comes with a hi-tech vacuum system that captures the liberated hairs (no hairs in the sink anymore) and gives you a great look. Your wardrobe will look fresh and hair-free wherever you are – and your beard will be gently trimmed with every single attachment.

All in all, the great battery power, 18+ different settings and fans for thick hairs and precise cleaning is what the Norelco is all about.

Braun MGK3045 Multi-Grooming Kit

Why pay for a beard trimmer alone – when you can pay for one and get an entire grooming kit? This is the philosophy that Braun is confident in – especially with their new MGK3045 model. It even includes a feature known as ‘facial hair contouring’ which lets you spice up your grooming and trim your beard with different lengths in different parts of your face. You can utilize any of the 13 length settings and precisely trim your beard while detailing your lines with the (included) razor.

Panasonic ER-GB40 Precision Hair And Beard Trimmer

The ER-GB40 definitely deserves a place on this top 3 best beard trimmers list, mostly because it combines finesse and power in a great way.

The sharp stainless steel blades are angled at 45 degrees, creating the optimal cutting edge. On top of that, the trimmer is fast and powerful and gets you quick and efficient hair trimming. It comes with 3 blades and cuts that go through even the thickest and most dense hair.

The 19+ precision settings, wet and dry use and rechargeable features make this trimmer perfect for the beard – just like every other part of the body.

We hope that this list helped you choose the best beard trimmer in 2018. We welcome your feedback!