The phone is an amazing tool that can help you unlock your cycling potential. Well, all you’re missing is that perfect phone mount. If a smartphone on the handlebars seems like best option for you right now, then you’ll need a mount to keep it safe. All mounts are not made equal, there’s a host of different styles and each with their pros and cons. But the best bike smartphone mount are adjustable, for all phones sizes and durable.

While talking about the best bike smartphone bike mount, bikers need to know, where they generally ride their bike. So the need to purchase the bike phone mounts according to their needs.

Quad Lock Cases

The Quad Lock cases are made both for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. While the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor combined with the company’s Out-Front Mount proved to be the confidence-inspiring solutions for securely attaching any smartphone to any bicycle. On the other hand, the Out-Front Mount is made of glass-filled nylon; it clamps onto 31.8 mm handlebars with a single Allen bolt. The case comes with a hex wrench as well as the rubber shims to fit 22 mm and 25.4 mm bars.

Rokform Handelbar Bike phone Mount

With a solid rubber case and fixture, this is a hardy mount that would be a good place for someone who value peace of mind when using a phone mount. There are versions for iPhones and Galaxy phones, as well as a universal style that will be compatible with a range of models.

The Nite Ize Wraptor

The Nite Ize Wraptor gives a simple, well-designed solution for riders who want to be able to mount their phone on their own bike .this mount is specially built for those bikers, who generally ride on smooth, paved roads. The silicone straps that attach phone to mount and mount to bike feel much sturdier than those of other, similar mounts.

Biologic Bike Phone Mount

Biologic have an iPhone mount but iPhone’s aren’t the only phones that can be used as your widescreen bike computer. As the company make sure that Android users can get in on the action too with this affordable phone mount. Besides that, these hard plastic cases come with a touch sensitive membrane, so that you can access the screen and applications as usual, whilst keeping the phone safe and dry.

iOmounts Nomad Universal Bike Phone Mount

The iOmounts Nomad Universal Bike Phone Mount is among the trusted one. User can stick a magnetic disc the size of a half-dollar to the back of the phone or a compatible phone case. It loops the mount base around the handlebars, and pulls it tight like a zip tie. And the magnet did indeed keep the phone stable and secure