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The Flannel comes in many fabrics, patterns, and forms. There’s more to the well-known cloth than meets the popularly-cultured eye. Flannel is a firmly woven fabric of either cotton or wool that is reasonably crushed and raised and sometimes brushed. Thick or thin, flannel’s greatest appeal might be that there’s a flannel for all seasons, despite a predominance of fall tones where patterns are concerned.

It can be heavy and warm, light and airy, monochromatic, or fully rhapsodic in more colors than we can challenge to count. If one thing is unquestionably definitive about flannel is that it can, unconditionally, be worn and loved by all.  Well below, you’ll find our most adored flannel shirts.


WoolRich makes powerful flawless flannel shirts. The shirts are as soft as can be before they ever see the inside of a washing machine. The Buffalo Check Wool Shirt was WoolRich’s first flannel shirt, and it is still a favorite more than 100 years later. While the Trout Run Shirt is a newer addition that has a similar design with a chambray collar. The shirt’s materials should please purists, along with anyone else who likes a soft organic material.


Pendleton has altered the way its flannel is made over the years, of course. First and foremost, the wool isn’t harvested in the United States anymore, but the company does still weave material here. Now that flannel has come into popular fashion, you can find a strong collection of tone to choose from. The fabrics used are also water, odor, and stain-resistant.


Uniqlo covers the gamut of plaid patterns with its flannel. The shirts also come mildly tailored, so while they may not be the trendiest take on flannel, they don’t exactly look frumpy, either. Uniqlo has been making clothes since the 1940s. Since then, its wares have become something of a chic-but-utilitarian staple in many wardrobes. It’s affordable, well-made clothing that fits the bill for most.

United By Blue

United By Blue goes so far as to ensure that even the buttons on its shirts are organic. They’re made from corozo or tagua, a type of palm nut.  These are flannels that can be pulled off in the great indoors as well, and maybe even your office, depending on where you work. Flannel shirts can be found at just about any company that sells menswear, but sustainable outdoors startup United By Blue makes a flannel that’s far from your average shirt.