Well the free medical health app K Health launched in 2018. And till now it has raised $25 M from its platform. It was first app to use AI and the experience of thousands of doctors to provide free personal health information based on given information. This more accurate, proprietary approach delivers insights drawn from how similar people were diagnosed and treated in a clinical setting. At the launch, the company announced $12.5 million in financing from different partners and health care clinic.

K Health looks to provide consumers with a free and easy-to-use application. And that can offer precise, personalized, data-driven information about their symptoms and health. So, basically the app works according to the question, it asked from the user and then diagnosed it.

K Health App

According to the CEO, Allon Boch, “When your child says their head hurts, you can play doctor for the first two questions or so — where does it hurt? How does it hurt? “Then it gets complex really quickly. Are they nauseous or vomiting? Did anything unusual happen? Did you come back from a trip somewhere? Doctors then use differential diagnosis to prove that it’s a tension headache versus other things by ruling out a whole list of chronic or unusual conditions based on their deep knowledge sets.”

K Health offers a best healthcare solution to its consumer by using the data. The app uses a data-set comprised of more than 2 billion physician notes, lab results, treatments, prescriptions, and other interactions. The company’s AI informs users about how their health issue has been diagnosed and treated in the past. With this, consumers have a rough idea of their issue’s severity, and in case of emergency it connects you to the primary care physician as well.

According to K Health officials, they say that we are not going to replace doctors. The basic idea behind this health care app is to broader healthcare system by allowing best resource allocation.