Apple has launched its iOS 12.2 operating system almost two month ago, now again iOS 12.3 is launched. Just seven weeks after rolling out iOS 12.2, Apple has released iOS 12.3. The biggest update from Apple, this time around is a major refresh of the TV app ahead of the Apple TV+ streaming service debuting later this year. So, with the help of new-look app, user can subscribe to various TV networks through Apple TV Channels. Therefore, user can have leverage of watching all favorite shows all in one place.

According to Apple, company has also issued the instruction as well. The iOS 12.3 update is available on all eligible devices over-the-air in the Settings app.

iOS 12.3 is Launched

In order to access the update, users need to go to Settings > General > Software Update. As with all iOS updates, iOS 12.3 is free to download, but it may take some time for iOS 12.3 to propagate to all iOS users.

Well in addition to that, Apple said that in future betas for iOS 12.3, you’ll be able to update to them without being on the preceding beta version. Meaning, when iOS 12.3 beta 4 comes, you can update from beta 1 or 2, not just 3.

It means that you can subscribe to HBO or Showtime within the TV app, and you can watch the shows there instead of in the respective services’ apps. Besides that, Apple allows the users with other channels options as well. The options in U.S include Starz, EPIX, CBS All Access, Smithsonian, Nickelodeon, Mubi, Shudder and Comedy Central Now. The ultimate freedom is that, not only the user, user can share channel subscriptions with up to six family members. Other than this, the new Apple operating system iOS 12.3 will allow to watch download shows and movies from your subscriptions to view offline.

The Apple TV app is also now available on recent Samsung models, LG, Sony and Vizio models. And alongside it, user will get AirPlay 2 support later this year. Alongside that, Siri Suggestions for movies and shows also now offer an AirPlay option. According to the company, in different areas,iOS 12.3 and macOS 10.14.5 expand AirPlay 2 support so you can share videos, photos with range of Samsung smart TVs as well.