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If you are smoker, you do care for your cigarettes. Beside that you are fashion conscious then why don’t take advantage of this habit to reveal your fashionable or personal appearance? Cigarette case wallet, holders or even lighters, these things can go in a unique collection to bright up with style. Well In term of design, cigarette wallet case is often designed to have small numbers. It not only keep your cigarette fresh and well-organized, especially when hanging out or traveling for long distance.

Well cigarette handling is not an easy task. You don’t have to waste money because you by chance sat on or crashed the cigarettes. Also, you are not look for cigarette wallets that are dull or unusable. What you require are the best cigarette cases in the market. They are in sensible designs, easy to use, reliable, effective, and elegant.

Victorian Era Crush Proof Chrome Cigarette Case

It comes from the premium metal, this cigarette case wallet promise you to offer the best protection to prevent stuff from accidental flashes of water. With the outer display highlights Florentine mirror finish for intense creativity and internal storage for 100 cigarettes. This one provides one 2 elastic bands to keep your stuff stay in its place.

Silver Stainless Steel Extra Slim Cigarette Case

Made of stainless steel, wallet case protects your cigarette from external impacts such as rain, dirt or accidental drops out. The wallet is easily accessed through one magnetic button closure. In term of size, this metal cigarette wallet is slim, easy to fit in pocket and can store 9 cigarettes to make control of your smoking.

Gary & Ghost 276A Ultrathin Curve Pocket Cigarette Box

This cigarette box is quite standard and is popular with new and seasoned smokers. It has stylish design, while some others love its simplicity and excellent ergonomics and have ample capacity. Well the stylish charcoal black color, sturdy construction, and one-hand operation is very much popular. It is also ultra-thin and will fit even in tight or small spaces.

KLOUD City Slim Cigarette Storage Box/ Case, Black

The ultra-slim design that makes fitting in pockets, pursed, handbags and other small spaces easy. It’s also one of the coolest and trendiest cases/boxes. The metal construction can put-up well against daily use, bumps, bangs, falls, and mishandling. And thanks to its small capacity, it can have 9 cigarettes and good for control smoking.

Etched Cigarette Case

It got the premium metal, the wallet cigarette case protect all cigarettes from external impacts such as rain, dirt or sand. The material is not easy to get rusty no matter how hard you use. In term of capacity, this case can hold up to 18 cigarettes. Just feel free to sort out and bring it along during your traveling time. All you need to do is just flip the spring loaded lid open and smoke your cigarette.

Germanus Burgundy Smooth Leather Nickel-Plated Cigarette Case

Other than just cigarettes, this nice-looking and elegantly-designed case can also hold ID cards, credit cards, cash, driver’s license, condoms and more. It also comes in lightweight that makes carrying very simple and convenient. It will easily slip into your pocket, purse, pouch, and bag without causing bulges. Soft embossed prints and various colors for added grace; it can hold 20 regular or 100 small cigarettes.