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When it comes to drones and drones used for the cinematography, DJI has no match. Recently, DJI Storm drone has been launched and more interesting thing is that, it is not for sale. DJI is the leading name in drones, and their Phantom and Mavic lines are doing awesome job. But it looks like the company has also quietly built a professional cinematography drone that’s so high-end.

Besides that, DJI Studio offers custom cinematography services. But it seems to come with a crew, truck, custom drone and other hardware such as DJI MasterWheels.

The DJI Storm Drone

From nowhere, DJI introduces a new part of their business. Last year DJI quietly launched DJI Pro aimed at aerial photography and videography professionals. Now, it seems that DJI launched a full-service offering for custom aerial cinematography. It is called DJI Studio and they have a special heavy-lifting drone called the DJI Storm.

The sure sounds like a beast: an eight-rotor aircraft that can carry up to an 18.5kg (40.8lb) payload. That’s enough to carry a sizeable filmmaker’s rig like an Arri Alexa LF camera, complete with lens, one of DJI’s wireless follow focus systems, and DJI’s Ronin 2 gimbal for stabilization.

N0w coming to the drone system, “Powered by DJI STUDIO” in the arms of the drone. It is an octocopter with four arms, designed to carry heavy loads. Its maximum payload capacity is 41 pounds. Think professional cinema cameras and lenses from brands like ARRI, Red, and others.

On the other hand, The DJI Storm has a maximum speed of 50 mph. A flight time of 8 to 15 minutes and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. Batteries can be swapped out quickly to continue shooting.

The DJI Storm can work together with other DJI products such as the MasterWheels and Force Pro. It also comes with an entire crew and a dedicated production vehicle with an uninterrupted power supply.