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With the technology is moving on, so as the gadgets with latest technology making the life easier and better communicable. So is the case of, the Nubia Alpha’s hands-on is smartwatch, with wise display wearable with lots of functions. It offers different functions, the bending of Nubia Alpha Hands-on smartwatch’s screen means user rarely get to see it all at once. Instead, Nubia’s custom Android-based OS lets you scroll the watch’s essential information so it’s readable from any angle. The icons range from large and clear to tiny and tricky. While the some screens showing lots of information and others being rather plain.

While coming to controls of The Nubia Alpha Hands-on, user has different options to cooperate it. User can in interact with it using touch, swiping the screen left to right, and up and down.

The Nubia Alpha Hands-on

Nubia’s smartwatch features smartphone capabilities, including everything from making and taking calls to taking pictures with a built-in camera. As a replacement for of a circular screen, it has a 4-inch flexible OLED screen in a rectangular shape with a 960 x 192-pixel resolution. The screen curves down the side of the bracelet, providing a longer viewing area than a traditional smartwatch.

The Nubia Alpha Hands-on has bezel around the center of the screen gives it shape and definition and holds both a regular camera and a sensor to recognize gestures. On the other hand, the stainless steel bracelet is easily resized using small clips, and the Alpha comes in silver, black, or a flashy 18K gold-plated version.

The technology inside is somewhat not very impressive. The Nubia Alpha has the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which is not the latest, now that the new Snapdragon 3100 is available. The watch has 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage space, and a 500mAh battery that Nubia says is good for two days use, or a week on standby. Having experience with the Snapdragon 2100, this sounds overly optimistic. The Alpha tracks your fitness and has a heart rate sensor on the back too.