The Project Fi is launched three years ago, now Google says, it becomes mature now to be use for the public. Google has now made this cell service a bit more official. Project Fi is graduating into something a little more ambitious and getting a new name in the process: Google Fi. Well the news is that it will also work with iPhone as well.

Google lets the people with phones running Android 9 Pie to route their data through its own VPN. However, Google Fi still has to do something with other carriers. But the SIM does not work the same way, when it comes to support for the RCS Universal Profile for texting and LTE smart watches.

The ‘Fi’ SIM

Well the ‘Fi’ is a mobile virtual network operator that shares the credit on existing wireless networks to deliver service, similar to how Boost Mobile or Republic Wireless work. But the different feature is that Fi can easily switch between the different cellular operators instead of using just one. The idea behind its creation is that it’ll switch to the best-performing network. It means that the actual service comes from larger networks; Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.

This is not the first time that Fi has worked with Apple devices; you could get a data-only SIM for iPads as secondary devices before.  Besides that, technically, a Fi SIM tends to work in an iPhone, provided you adjusted the data settings on the phone. But now Google is supporting iPhones directly for new customers, though it says that the support is in beta and requires “a few extra steps to get set up.” There will be a new Google Fi iOS app to help ease the process alone.

On the other end, it has been quite simple and straightforward setup for the android users. But going with Fi instead of a more traditional carrier, user must know that all customer support done online or over the phone.