Well, for those who hate laundries and washing stuff for their clothiers, Samsung has introduced its new smart device. Samsung’ new smart device features two everyday tools to make life a little easier. The Samsung AirDresser blends in well with a modern living space, functioning as both a mirror and clothes-cleaner as well. Moreover, it is a freestanding closet-within-a-closet that cleans and straightens your clothes after you hang them up and relax.

The basic idea behind is that, you hang your shirts, dress pants, sweaters, and delicates inside these devices, which then use a heating or steaming process to clean them.

The Samsung AirDresser

As the world is moving to smart devices, different companies are make such gadgets, which make the life easy and comfortable. Such a device is Samsung AirDresser, with its system, it dry cleans your clothes and you don’t need to go to any laundry now.

While, speaking of the details, it is basically made to remove dust, harmful pollutants, odor, and micro dust. And when you hang them any time or at night, when you wake up, this closet will give a fresh, clean and bacteria free clothes. So, there is no ore ironing or going to laundry for dry clean.

Other than that, Samsung has introduces a My Closet App as well. And user can use it to customize your clothing care, which allows you to enter up to ten different modes at a time. Besides that, speaking of its working, The Samsung AirDresser uses a Jet Air system, combined with Air Hangers to literally blast dust and grime out of your clothes. Other than this, it will also make your clothes smell nice thanks to a built in deodorizing filter, which captures and remove odors. Not only that, there is temperature control system as well.   So, with that users now can take care of their apparels, wool garments, uniforms, bed sheets even and more by selecting courses that are recommended based on clothing material.