The esteemed necktie is possibly the most timeless of men’s accessories. Ties have got the respect and allure; they’ve been load with unwanted suggestions of stuffy work atmosphere and restrictive dress codes. But the 21st century has seen a great return to tradition in the world of menswear. In the era of business casual, no longer is the suit-and-tie a symbol of conformity or of office. Nowadays, the well suited and sophisticated ties add more sense to your personality and enhance your style.

For professional or business men, the environment where they work, meetings, conference, they require a sober and best necktie.  Choosing the right ones to add to your wardrobe can be an endless process because there are simply so many options available and you can’t buy them all. Here are some of the wool ties for you by Rampley and Co. Yet there are lot many brands and colors to choose from.

Midnight Blue Star Repeat Wool Tie

This Midnight Blue Star Repeat Wool Tie is handmade in England and made from the finest class wool. It offers a subtle addition to an outfit and can be used in both casual and formal occasions as well. This tie can be used as matching with a variety of more exciting and colorful pocket square designs.

Brown Check Wool Tie

This brown check is 100% hand-made; tie comes from the highest quality fabric by world famous fabric makers Scabal of Savile Row. It has got gorgeous texture and has an ideal color for the cooler winter months.

Light Blue Diamond and Roundel Repeat Wool Tie

This Light Blue Diamond and Roundel Repeat Wool Tie have matchless fabric, hand-made in England. It gives a delicate addition to an outfit. This tie look fit for every occasion, like it can be used for formal events as well as for causal and informal occasions. Beside that this tie is well suited with a variety of more exciting and colorful pocket square designs.

Burgundy Hand-Rolled Wool-Cashmere Tie

The fabric and color of this tie is best one.  This burgundy hand-rolled wool-cashmere blend tie is handmade and fabric is made by Scabal of Savile Row. With the beautiful texture, is ideal taste for well mannered persons and best color regarding the autumn and winter season. It is blended with 95% Wool and 5% Cashmere with 8 cm Blade.

Red Check Wool Silk Tie

This red check wool blend tie in a hopsack weave made from the highest quality piece of cloth. It has a handsome texture and the color of the tie suited best in fall/winter months. This tie has combination of 65% Wool with 20% Silk and 15% Lined, hand-rolled with 8cm Blade.

Blue and Grey Birdseye Wool Tie

This blue and grey Birdseye 100% wool tie is handmade in England. This tie has a fine Birdseye effect pattern running through the tie which gives off a deluxe and comfortable textured look. This graceful tie comes in hand-rolled or it may be self-tipped.  The fabric has best quality in the world