The company DOCOMO and Toyota Motor Corporation have successfully controlled the Toyota-developed T-HR3 humanoid robot in trials using 5G. On the other hand, this test took place under the control environment. This test happened with a distance of approximately 10 kilometers using 5G in an area between two points. It means that you can control the robots with your hand, by using remote control.

The technology is making its mark day by day. So, moving ahead, the purpose of core technologies developed will help inform and advance future development of robots to give better mobility for all. Thus technology is making the human life easier and smarter.

Toyota Robot T-HR 3

The T-HR3, which Toyota unveiled earlier, is the company’s first foray into humanoid robots for several years. According to them, it’s there to assist humans in various fields, including “the home, medical facilities, construction sites, disaster-stricken areas and even outer space”.

Akifumi Tamaoki, general manager of Toyota’s Partner Robot division said, “The Partner Robot team members are committed to using the technology in T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that coexist with humans and assist them in their daily lives”.

In order to ensure the working, smooth movement, minimizing communication delays during control signal exchange between the T-HR3 and the Master Maneuvering System is essential. The T-HR3 experiments have been conducted on a wired connection, with relatively few communication delays. But this time, the T-HR3 was successfully controlled wirelessly, using low-latency 5G communication technology developed by partner company DOCOMO.

The T-HR3 is Toyota’s third-generation humanoid robot, designed from the’ get-go’ to be remote-controlled by a human.  While, in order to make it function, the operators strap themselves into a base with wearable hand, arm and foot controls, along with a head-mounted display. This allows the user to see the thing from the robots prospective.