It appears as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be biggest display of technology and that is robotic technology. Well, it will be the best platform and stage, where Japan will show its innovation and revolution in the field of technology. Besides that Olympics the robots will be the best things to attract the people around the world. For the world biggest sporting event, the automatic giant Toyota has unveiled its best tech Olympic robots. The company introduced the robot lineup for the summer games, and one of the biggest attention-getters is the Field Support Robot.

Other than this, most of the other bots were already been introduced. They are Human Support Robot, the Delivery Support Robot and T-HR3 humanoid robots.

Toyota’s 2020 Olympics Robots

These robots are autonomous and lookalike small version of the e-Palette. These robots  will carry javelins, shot puts and other items from throwing events. It won’t actually fetch the items but it will help reduce the number of staff on the field.

According to the Toyota, “As we transform into a mobility company, we are expanding our robotics efforts to provide all people with the freedom to move.” Nobuhiko Koga, Chief Officer of Toyota’s Frontier Research Center said, “‘Mobility for all’ is not only the ‘physical’ movement of a person or thing from one location to another. But also includes ‘virtual’ mobility of a person.”

Well, these are called as Field Support Robots (FSRs). They will carry javelins, shot-puts, and other items that can be thrown to athletes in the Olympic stadiums. Toyota says that the robots will be able to decrease the time needed to recover items, as well as lighten the workload for official support teams.

Besides these robots, Toyota will introduce robot mascots known as Miraitowa and Someity. They are equipped with cameras and facial recognition technology. Mascot “can recognize people nearby, and once recognized, use its eyes to respond with/show a variety of expressions.”