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If you are looking for an option to have a much more smaller smartphone than the new iPhone SE, Unihertz might have the option for you. The Jelly 2 is recently launched on Kickstarter is a truly tiny phone, also the world’s smallest 4G phone with Android 10. Here are the pros and cons of the Jelly 2 smartphone.

The Jelly 2 is the decendant of Unihertz’ first phone, the original Jelly from 2017. Unihertz has given it a 3-inch 480×384 screen, which is comaparatively very small, but the 20-percent-ish increase in size offers a big variation.

Jelly 2 Smartphone

The Jelly 2 doesn’t precisely have small bezels, but the screen makes much more effective use of the phone’s physical real estate, so the device is only slightly larger overall than the original. Unihertz’s 4-inch Atom XL does feel a lot better suited for everyday smartphone use, if you’re not interested to go quite this tiny.

Jelly 2 Smartphone

With a screen this small, it’s not even actually worth trying to perform hardcore multitasking. We did a little test and played a couple of Asphalt 9 races to test the performance and it was noticeably low-res, but most games wouldn’t really be playable on a screen like this even with extensive horsepower.

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As for the battery life, it’s seemed plausible in our trial. There’s a 2000mAh battery inside, which is tiny by Android phone standards — but then most Android phones don’t have to power 3-inch screens, and this is more than twice the capacity of the original Jelly.

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Talking of the camera, there’s a 16-megapixel sensor on the back and an 8-megapixel sensor for selfies. The main camera isn’t great, unluckily, but it does the job as long as you’re only going to be viewing the photos on the small screen.

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Some other specifications about the hardware. This phone is 16.5mm thick, which seems unnecessary but given the small footprint actually makes it feel reassuringly weighty, like a rock. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is something the worst that phone features. You get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There’s a headphone jack, so you could just use this as a handy MP3 player if you needed.

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The $129 price tag is early-bird pricing only, implying there will be a set number of units in the Kickstarter qualifying for that price, after which, it will rise.

Jelly 2 Smartphone price
Jelly 2 Smartphone specs