If every time you watch Transformers film and dream of having one of those Autobots to stand out from the crowd of normal vehicles, then you would love to learn about this group of Turkish engineers, who have made your dream come true. The Turkish engineering company Letrons transforms a BMW 3 series car into a robotic Transformer and named it after the company “LETRON”.

BMW Car into a Robotic Transformer

Although, the transformers coming out of the workshop of Letrons aren’t really able of doing all that you would assume out a Transformer from the film. But still, it’s a great step forward to the future of Autobots.

This LETRON transformer may not run, jump, or even fly but, it is one marvelous scene to just watch a car turn into a magnificent robot. Letron which started out as an R&D project with 4 engineers and 12 helping staff turned this robotic car into a reality over a period of 8 months.

BMW Car into a Robotic Transformer