It says that Periscope has a future, after “Go Live” in Twitter or you have to install a Periscope, Twitter has launched an audio-only broadcast feature. This new feature has given a sense of breath to Periscope as well. With this feature, it allows users to generate audio-only broadcasts directly from Twitter itself, or from Twitter’s Periscope. The CEO Jack Dorsey stated in his Tweet, that this version is accessible from the same interface where you would normally launch live video. It’s currently available on the Twitter for iOS app, as well as on Periscope.

So, with it, now you have as an option to choose audio-only broadcast, beside you do video records after you tap to “Live” button.

With this feature, you can login to Periscope and stream audio-only broadcast to their audience, beside you can have benefit of Periscope’s hearts, chartroom, with other inspiring features as well. So other than video, app will create an animated audio wave visual that renders to match the audio being broadcast by the streamer.

The Periscope’s adding of an audio-only broadcasting characteristic due to the demand by users. Whereas the users who are be there can record the audio, and all Twitter users will be able to see and hear the recordings and can even play them back as well. Alike to live video, audio broadcasters will be able to see to their statistics, like number of live viewers, how many times many audios have been replayed, viewers reply and other thing.

It says that this new launched feature is more effective for you, when you want your viewers to be heard but not been seen. That will give liberty to the users, that they can share audio only live news.  You can record sharable mini-podcasts or something else that you can cover in the 280 characters.

Experts of social media say on this new feature, by using this medium Twitter is changing the direction or giving new option from live-video activity towards live podcasting and other audio-content. Twitter’s Periscope and live video podium has lowered its status of public live-streaming. As the users have moved away from breaking news and from viral sort of things to professional media and other gaming sort of content.

Still as the technology is continuously improving and allowing the higher quality video livestreaming and uploads. There are also number of growing users which prefers to stay unlived and unseen and preferred audio livestreaming and content.  So, twitter is establishing a podcast option, particularly when knowing that this industry is flourishing and producing how much big business.

Beside this twitter still sees a big chance in live moments, particularly the sports matches, TV and film award shows, music award shows, the breaking news, viral videos and other brief moments that can be seen with great interest on social media.