Besides BMW, Audi and other automakers are coming up with concept cars, there is a new Vision Mercedes Simplex concept car unveiled. Interestingly, it is 1901 Mercedes 35 PS, billed as the “first modern car,” while relying heavily on modern technology. On the other hand, its front grille is replaced by a “3D display” that both displays the vintage Mercedes logo. Well, more importantly, displays the car’s status at a glance.

This car turns out to be more of a sculpture than most concepts; it has rounded shapes and large wheels that sit outside the body, which are clear ties to the original.

Vision Mercedes Simplex

Coming to the modern version of 118 years old classic car, its cockpit sticks to the minimalist look of very early cars through projections that display context-sensitive info like speed and navigation. On the other hand, it doesn’t even have a windshield or a rated power output, let alone the equipment needed to pass modern safety standards. This is more an illustration of how Mercedes could recall its roots without giving up present-day creature comforts.

Besides that, in its place is a three-dimensional display in the grille that shows the Mercedes script in the old-timey font. Leather straps hold the hood closed, and there’s a leather overnight bag that functions as a trunk. It’s minimalist inside, and the wood and metal steering wheel is particularly handsome.

On the other hand, the design was all about seamlessness and fluidity, featuring a steering column, switches, and instrument panel inspired by motorcycles and nautical design. There are even touches of handcraftsmanship in the azure blue upholstery and openers for luggage

Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener says, The “Vision Mercedes Simplex” symbolizes the transformation of the brand-specific luxury of Mercedes-Benz.” The car was showcased Pat Design Essentials in Nice, France. The Vision Mercedes Simplex carries the old fashioned two-seat, large-wheeled layout of the 35 hp. It’s a nostalgic look back with a couple of things to say about the Mercedes of the future.