Google operating system getting smarter and updated day by day with more innovation and modern techniques. The Google OS making your life easier, smarter and elegant to look. Now you can see you know about many things, from latest news to plans you have made for a day, just by looking at your watch. This is possible that you can see your emails, messages, weather updates, your meeting day and time, who is calling you and many other things by just seeing your watch without using your phone. How this happened? It happened as world famous watches maker have now introduced wear OS by Google.

The Google at last has announced to reveal a brilliant and intelligent new version of Wear OS. Google’s new version reflects, what the people wanted and expect from smart watch, as they are keen to know about reliable daily assistant and coach that is rapid and modest.

Google says that get practical and modified help from your Google Assistant. Look up at your travel times, navigations; want to know about imminent reservations, and checking your flight status and much more. Now you have information about nearby coffee shops, restaurants, you can start your run, set reminders and more just by asking Say “Ok Google” or press and hold the power button to get started.

You can ask Google about anything, any question, for example you can ask the Google, do I need an Umbrella today, to know about the weather, about your schedule. You size your day as the wear OS by Google has many features, like knowing about directions, checking in to your grocery list, and even you can pay your utilities bills with your watch. Google says that this modified OS make your day and life healthy, it says that you can exercise without your phone, with your Google Fit and other health apps make your motivated, to stay balanced and you can record your health right from your watch.

Well here is some of the guidance you make need while using wear OS in your favorite smart watch. If you swipe right, it will take you to Google Assistant feed for information, on swiping left, Google Fit’s new fitness-tracking will rings, by swiping up you can have the notification, while swiping down help you to make quick setting shortcuts, by short pressing the main button, you can view all apps, while the pressing long the main button invokes the Goggle Assistant to ask question through voice and  if you want to change the watch face just press long the watch face. Despite that you can adopt to different modes and scrolling short cuts according to your own comfort and convenience.