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Well! Yes world famous computers and laptop brands HP has unveiled its first laptop made with real leather ‘Spectre Folio’. This innovative leather laptop has modern craftsmanship design. The device is not just wrapped in a leather exterior, but the apparatus within the computer slot are bolted into the material, so there’s no way to take the leather off without compromising the device.

The leather allows the unit to fold easily from a traditional laptop form to a mounted-upright screen, and down into a tablet. HP has claimed that they have used 100% genuine, chrome-tanned leather for this new machine, and two textures, warm brown and deeper Bordeaux. The daring look of the Spectre Folio is matched with the latest premium technology features for consumers who desire beauty and power in their PC.

The Processor and Design

The Spectre Folio has smallest motherboards in the industry, capitalizing on 8th Gen Intel Core™ i5 and i7 (Y-series) processors. It has up to 16 GB of memory and 2 TB of SSD storage. With 300-nits FHD display or a low-power, 1W 400-nits FHD option for ideal viewing and 18 hours backup.

Spectre Folio is the world’s first gigabit class LTE Intel based laptop. It offers Always Connected PC experience with more security than other conventional public Wi-Fi hot spots. Spectre Folio supports dual eSIM, beside the option of nano-SIM slot under the display. The professionals, gamer boys and other buyers will definitely appreciate on achieving ultra-mobility and connected modern standby.

The Alex Cho, President, Personal Systems, HP Inc. said on the launching “The HP Spectre Folio is the PC reinvented, achieving the perfect balance of luxury design and cutting-edge engineering. It combines sophisticated style with incredible versatility to deliver an Always-Connected PC experience our customers are looking for; he further said “HP continues to create the world’s most exciting devices that are leading the PC category into a new era of innovation. By listening to the needs of our customers and leveraging our design and engineering capabilities, HP is setting new benchmarks for the industry.”

Josephine Tan, HP’s head of product management for consumer notebook, said the company went with leather for it’s “durability, its feel, and the premium quality of it.” She cited internal market research that showed that younger audiences, like millennial, were most drawn to the idea, especially to its “authenticity,” since its genuine leather.