The Bruder has recently launched 2019 EXP-6 GT replaces the pop-up roof with a raised hard roof. It is capable of accommodating average- and above-average-height adults. The original EXP-6 power-lift roof system looks plenty robust. The flagship EXP-6 GT has a taller fixed roofline. Both versions can modify with a variety of options allowing having lovely and comfortable weekend or tripping.

Now talking about the new EXP-6 GT has a heightened trapezoidal upper roof section stretching most of the length of the trailer.

2019 EXP-6 GT

The exterior of the EXP-6 is extremely adaptable. It is designed to blend inside and outside living while maximizing space and shelter. on the other side massive storage spaces as well as dedicated storage for smaller items. The most important thing, is the interior, it has an impressive 7-foot (2.1-m) interior standing height the container is 22-foot-long (6.7-m).

Now coming to the inside, the first thing is the kitchen, which is best and unique. The centralized kitchen area is split around the trailer interior and exterior. While the main block positioning the available induction, diesel or gas cook-top. Alongside pantry for both indoor and outdoor use.

On the other hand, it has standard indoor and sliding outdoor refrigerators complete the dual-sided indoor/outdoor kitchen space. Both the worktop and kitchen sink are better positioned for outdoor use. it also has a electric awning puts some shade over the kitchen area.

Other interior facilities include a corner wet bath, adjustable dining table, diesel heating, dual adjustable fans, and plenty of storage cabinetry. Available options include an indoor/outdoor swivel-mount HD TV and compact clothes washer just inside the rear entry hatch.