The 3Doodler is has launched its new a mobile app, and following the step-by-step instructions you can improve your 3D-printing skills. Other than that, company is planning to launch similar kinds of products regarding 3D printing and other skills. But the best thing the application can offer if you truly can’t wield your 3D-printing pen properly even after loads of practice is stencils. You don’t even have to print out the stencils: you can literally just draw with a 3Doodler right on your mobile device while following the patterns on the screen.

Earlier the company has introduced the flawless 3D pens as well. And this app is going to help you to sharpen your skills with the 3D pen.

3Doodler’s Mobile App

The app features step by step video instructions, tutorials and projects than can be used to construct much larger structures. As the company puts it in its press material, “As companies continue to develop pens that encourage artists to gravitate to screens, 3Doodler’s 3D printing pens aspire to take creators away from them. Earlier the company came up with revolutionary 3D printing pens. These pens allow the users to have “almost entirely jam-free” drawings. This also helps it work smoothly with a greater range of plastics, including ABS, FLEXY and PLA.

The new app will also have 10 tutorials and projects for the 3Doodler pen. It will enable the users to access a multiplicity of 3D drawing projects, stencils and step-by-step guides in a mobile format. On the other hand, this app is absolutely compatible with approximately any device, including iPads and tablets. Besides that, company announced that it will be updated weekly, to ensure that there are always new projects to explore. 3Doodler plans to release its mobile app for Android and iOS devices in the first half of 2019.