The evolution is growing at the rapid pace in the technology, more and more worries are making human tense. Now, there is war between AI art and artists. There is debate going among the artists and technology developers, well some says that artists are supposed to be among the least likely to lose their jobs to automation. But what happens when AI-enabled features start painting, editing, and doing other parts of their jobs for them? AI tools are already starting to automate what used to be time-consuming manual processes.

But there are many questions regarding that technology, the AI art and the artists work. It is a question about the capacity of AI to create images that qualify under that definition of art.

AI Art and Artists

Besides being the technology is replacing human everywhere, from automakers industry to the other labor work and technical job handling, but can AI create the art itself. Can it replace the art and thinking of human regarding it. So, AI art can replace the artists or not?

Companies that make industry-standard creative tools like Adobe and Celsys have been adding AI features to their digital art software.  And it’ll pace up workflows by eliminating drudge work, and give artists more time to experiment. From machine learning tools that help find specific video frames faster, to features that color in entire works of line art with just a button, AI is being incorporated in this regard but surprisingly in effective ways.

According to the artist, they say that are not worried about being replaced by AI, and that they could see the most potential for AI and machine learning applied to boring, uncreative tasks. That could mean a smart cropping feature that automatically recognizes the subject of a photo, or automatic image tagging to help people find stock photos faster. They’ll still require an artist’s control, too. Creativity is profoundly human; AI cannot replace the creative work.