Adventurisms, discovering new places are the passion for some people. So, for adventurer keen people, who want to have fun and discovering new destination along with exploring the colors of nature, here are some of the beautiful lake towns, which are worth to visit once in your lifetime.

Marquette, Michigan

Marquette city is located in the state of Michigan located on Lake Superior. It says that if you want to feel the four seasons, come to Marquette. It is best town for outdoor activities, adventures, hiking, swimming and to enjoy beauty of nature.

Marquette is located in Upper Peninsula with resident of 21,000. It is the entrance to Big Bay and the Huron Mountains, a best place for hiking, mountain biking, trails, boating and fishing. The other best location is the Isle Park, several miles of trails with a rocky peninsula, attractive drives, picnic areas, a band shell with summer concerts, and a nature center. Wintertime offers cross-country ski trails.

Lake Lure, North Carolina

The lake Lure is located in 720 acres, with the shoreline of 21 miles. It is situated in Western North Carolina, Lake Lure and its area is known for the best hiking, natural bird watching, and fishing, attraction for rock climbers, skiing, swimming and boating. Lake Lure situated in the heart of Hickory Nut Gorge. East of Asheville, the Rocky Broad River moves down through Hickory Nut Gap. The crystal clear water moves through a valley shaped approximately in the form of a Maltese cross to make Lake Lure. Great stretches of water, with 3 long bays, island surroundings with tree clad hills and mountains.

Chelan, Washington

It says if you really want to discover Washington, come to Chelan. Lake Chelan Valley offers you amazing entertaining opportunities in a world class outdoor atmosphere. It features an unmatched combination of spectacular scenery, fishing, boating, its beautiful vineyards, wineries, orchards, the long hiking trails.

So, for fishers and hunters, going to Stehekin is much fun. While no road to this place so the only way to reach here is by personal boat or by small ferry. In every summer hundreds and hundreds of hikers hike to Stehekin using an extensive trail network since 100 years. For those who are looking for a bird’s eye view, the magnificence of the lake and surrounding mountains and glaciers from a different viewpoint, with deer outside your front door makes you completely lost in nature.

Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid is a small town in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains, known for Winter Olympics and a center for snow sports and other outdoor activities. Mirror Lake has a trail around the shoreline. The Olympic Museum at lake placid and old train station is a Historical Society Depot Museum. Lake placid is full of natural life and beauty. It offers fresh-water springs and mountain streams feed the crystal-clear lake. With great mountain ranges, you have many trails. Well the Lake Placid is famous for skiing, both Alpine and Nordic. It has Whiteface Mountain which is center place for skiing, hiking, gondola rides, and for mountain biking.

Priest Lake, Idaho

Well just located Fifteen miles from the Canadian border, the amazing town with pries lake is located. Priest Lake have one of the best parks in the state in Priest Lake State Park, which has three sides of beaches covering this beautiful lake. The one called as Lion-head at north end; the other one is known as Indian Creek at mid lake and the third is Dicken-sheet along the Priest River below the lake’s outlet.

Besides beaches lake offers plenty of trails, hiking tracks and camping sites and much more. Priest has many spectacular hikes and walks, the Lakeshore trail moves along a third of the western shore, while navigation trail carries on to Upper Priest Lake. Besides all priest lake offers many other activates like fishing, climb biking, Nordic sports, Priest River has a 44-mile path from Priest Lake to Priest River and the Pend d’ Orielle River for greater river running, rock climbing and snowmobiling.


Whitefish is situated in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana. Whitefish is placed at the edge of Glacier National Park. In every season it features the spectacular occasion to experience the millions of acres of mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. White fish is rich in mountain climbing, enormous range of trails, it offers kayaking, road biking, plenty of wide river adventures, rock climbing, you can have mountain biking as well. Whitefish gives continuous opportunities to discover the colors of nature with the millions of acres of protected lands, wide range of mountains, occupied with rivers, lakes and natural beauty. So summarizing it whitefish is one the best adventurer lake town.

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand lake is 8,000 feet above sea level. Grand Lake is the Colorado mountain town with all snow-capped peaks and Wild West storefronts, set along Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. Besides this Grand Lake along the Colorado River and is the camping doorway of Rocky Mountain National Park with plenty of campsites, and no shade. The Arapaho National Forest, features miles of lakes and rivers and enormous wildlife. There are exceptional trails into the wilderness area situated at Monarch Lake. First track is the Arapaho Pass Trail which follows Arapaho Creek for 10 miles to the top of the pass at 11,900 feet. Another is the Buchanan Creek Trail, which is a more difficult hike along Buchanan and Cascade creeks to Crater Lake. A third, and longer, alternative is the Pawnee Pass Trail. The residents are mostly musicians and artists.