Besides Samsung and LG, now Amazon is launchings its first series of Fire TV televisions. With the company also promises the Dolby digital sound. Amazon and its partners now launched their inexpensive 4K TVs with Fire TV software built in for a few years now. The company announced the first model that includes support for Dolby Vision. The Toshiba-branded is set to sell it’s exclusively by Amazon.

Initially, the A 55-inch model with $449.99 will be available. While the 43-inch ($329.99) and 50-inch ($379.99) models will be available later this month.

Amazon New Fire TVs

Dolby Vision is an HDR format that offers a wider color palette and brighter highlights than TVs that lack HDR. It’s also seen as superior to HDR10 since adjustments to picture quality can be made scene by scene. Whereas HDR10 applies one set of parameters to an entire show or movie. Dolby Vision and Atmos are widely available in premium-priced smart TVs, but are still trickling down to entry-level sets. Amazon isn’t disclosing peak brightness levels for the Toshiba sets.

On the other hand, Amazon claims that, apart from the addition of Dolby Vision HDR to show off the growing collection of Dolby Vision content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others. It also improved the Fire TV interface, adding more dynamic visuals as you shift through content.

In addition to Dolby Vision HDR, the new TVs offer easy access to Alexa. Besides that user will have access to digital assistant through the included voice remote. Thus, it allows the ability to launch apps, use voice search for the favorite shows and movies. Alongside that users will be able to switch inputs, and even control smart home devices all with your voice via Amazon’s eager helper.

Besides all, the unfortunate part is that, the user won’t have access to as many apps as their Roku counterparts, but Amazon is advertizing a firm collection of built-in apps. These apps include popular choices like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Amazon Prime Video, among others.