There is big news for Google Phone users, now Android Q with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL. It announces its support for Google Pixel and Pixel XL users. The Google has extended software support by a year to include the upcoming version of Android. Besides that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices will receive a minimum of three major software updates. While Google only still promised two Android version updates for the original Pixel duo.

Google’s VP of Engineering, Dave Burke, told that support for the update had been extended to the original Pixel series because of public popular demand.

Android Q with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL

The first beta of Android Q is available now for any Pixel device. That includes the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL. On the other hand, Google allows the support to those models due to popular demand.  But even if Google is saving features for later announcements like Google I/O, the early preview still gives the user a precious look at what Google is updating with Android Q.

Talking about association of Android Q with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL, the most notable change is adding privacy setting for location access. As it will allow users limit apps to only pull that information while the app is in use, instead of just giving a coverlet switch to for apps to either always have location access or never have it.  On the other hand, Google is also placing new restrictions on the access apps. These limits will get to things like photos, videos, and audio as well as any downloaded files on devices.

The Android Q is getting better support for resuming and pausing apps from running in the background.  And the software will allow improvement to resizing apps for split-screen modes as well. Besides that, the Android Q offers a new Settings Panel API, it will permit developers give instant, pop-up access to different phone settings. These phones setting are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC without having to kick users out to the settings app and back.