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Android’s Slices initially only had the featured to offer shortcuts for functions in third-party apps. Now, they are ready to control the phone itself. This is appears to be rolling out as a server-side upgrade, and it’s not certain just how quickly other devices will get Slices of their own. Furthermore, now the users don’t need to use Pie to use Slices on a basic level. They should support Android releases as far back as KitKat, so soon user will have access to give this feature a go.

Earlier, Google introduced Android Slices and started its test for new UI paradigm. The Slices are designed to surface the key features of applications in natural places, like Google Search. And now all the pixels devices have Android’s Slices for controlling the Settings app.

Android’s Slices

Well the Slices offers different for different device preferences are now beginning to appear on Pixel devices running Android 9 Pie. A question for “Bluetooth” or “Wi-Fi” in the Google search field will bring up an inline toggle to quickly enable or disable the setting. Those results feature the blue Settings app icon to the left, name, and toggle at the right.

On the other hand, some include added context, with Wi-Fi noting the name of the network user is connecting or connected to, while audio-related Slices feature a volume slider. Before Slices, the result would appear in a same way, but it can take any further action.

Android’s Slices take a second or two to fully load. For example, typing “blu” will quickly surface the shortcut, but the toggle only appears after “bluetooth.” Google has already established that Settings is a prime candidate for Slices. In fact, examples the company showed off were far more advanced. One for “Mobile Data” noted inline how many gigabytes were used, while a mockup for “Brightness level” featured a slider right in the Slice.