Well, many people look for alternative things and gadgets. So, for those who are looking for Apple AirPods alternative, Anker Soundcore Liberty Air is the best choice. The AirPods are great, but they are expensive. Therefore, they are best alternative earbud that costs half the price. The Apple Airpods 2 They normally cost $159 or $199 with the wireless charging case. But these earbuds cost just $80. Anker’s wireless earbuds have interchangeable tips. These are included in the box that help seal the bud more securely in your ear canal and block out more external noise.

Anker has made its name on affordable, dependable products. The contemptible, cheerful, and often no-frills approach to design has made it a go-to brand for those looking for affordable gadgets.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

Talking about the aspects, Liberty Air has tighter seal, which helped to block out external noise. There are two built-in microphones with uplink noise cancellation. This it increases clarity by recognizing your voice and filtering out ambient noises to ensure you sound crystal-clear even in noisy spaces. Furthermore, the stereo calls further enhance call quality by allowing you to hear the other person’s voice in both earbuds.

So, coming to quality of sound, you listen. It gives you every detail of the music, from the deepest bass, to the brightest mids. Not only that the thriving treble is delivered with extraordinary clarity and no distortion.

Besides that, these earbuds have seamless concealed sensor. This allows you to answers the calls effortlessly or adjusts music without reaching for your phone. Other than this, for powerful connectivity, they have Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a FPC antenna. Thus, it creates a rock-solid connection for skip-free music. One-Step Pairing ensures that after the initial setup is complete. After that Liberty Air will automatically connect to your device the moment it’s removed from the charging case.