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As more and more smarter phones are making its way into market, and every phone is offering lot more features, enhance cameras pixels, higher processor, RAM and ROM. So they are using more battery’s life as well. Well few smartphones offers bigger batteries but they are expensive, while the others have not the big battery to support for longer time. Thus Anker has launched its new generation batter and charger. This is Anker’s GaN charger-battery combo.

The well known named Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery and Charger is now available on Apple’s online store. It’s one of the new generation gallium nitride chargers.

Anker’s GaN Charger-Battery Combo

The biggest news for Apple users is that, they can by the Anker’s GaN Charger-Battery Combo from Apple store now. This battery and charge dual function device has, 5,000 mAh battery inside the charger. And it uses the power of science and clever engineering to shrink the charging tech down to much tinier magnitude.

So these two things make the gadget a worthy and easy to use. On the other hand, the charger is 42W, with a 30W USB-C output.  This Anker’s GaN Charger-Battery Combo will allow you to charge your devices like Mac and laptops in quick time, with efficiency.

Besides that it has another 12W via USB-A for fast-charging smartphones or tablets. Other than this it can also power an iPhone for an additional 23 hours from its own internal charge. Anker says the built-in battery holds a 5,000 mAh reserve.

No cables are provided with the charger, though Anker will happily sell you a USB-C to lightning cable for $17.99. Anker’s GaN Charger-Battery Combo the PowerCore Fusion is for $99.95 and available to buy now in a choice of black or white.