Apple has finally unveiled a long-awaited revamp of the MacBook Air, replacing the earlier version. But the new model has a high-resolution Retina display, USB-C, and Touch ID. The laptop strongly resembles the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro that was released two years ago, but the design has been tweaked with a delicate and thinner to make it a bit smaller and to more closely resemble the iconic Air.

MacBook Air comes in silver, space gray, and gold and it’s thinner and lighter than the earlier models of Macs. Well Apple’s claimed that it has all day battery and MacBook Air is your perfectly portable, ‘do-it-all notebook’.

The Details

New MacBook Air packs quite a hit. It got an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, which provides power for all day activity. So, you can read email and browse the web to create presentations and editing in iMovie. Besides that it 16GB of memory extendable up to 1.5TB of SSD storage lets you launch apps in a flash. In a result provides ample room for all your documents, photos, and videos. It has up to 12 hours of battery life; MacBook Air is for your day in, day out work. Watch the movies, because MacBook Air is ready to play for up to 13 hour’s continuously.



The Innovation

MacBook Air has four times as many pixels as an HD display, the results are positively jaw dropping. Images take on a new level of detail and realism. The display glass goes right to the edge of the enclosure, making the borders 50 percent thinner than before.

Coming o the security, new book has an advanced security and convenience of Touch ID. Just simply place your finger on the Touch ID sensor and you Mac is on. So, you can use your fingerprint to unlock all the important docs and other folders as well. It features the Apple T2 Security Chip — second-generation custom Mac silicon designed by Apple to make MacBook Air even more secure. With on-the-fly data encryption, all your data stored on the SSD is automatically and fully encrypted.

The latest-generation MacBook Air keyboard is built on butterfly mechanism.Thus, provides four times more key stability than a conventional scissor mechanism. MacBook Air has Thunderbolt 3 facility, which combines ultra-high bandwidth with the ultra-versatility of the USB-C industry standard to create one revved-up universal port. MacBook Air has two of them. Besides that with the latest techniques, MacBook Air sounds better than ever. Stereo speakers deliver twice the bass and 25 percent more volume than the previous generation. Other than this the high-definition Face-Time camera lets you see one or many of your friends and family in sharp detail.