Well, it seems that Apple is in hurry, as they have released the news version of its operating system iOS 13.1 beta even before the iOS 13.1 is not out. For some, they says that Apple is ahead in the game but other says that users have not fully ready to treat the early version. Earlier, Apple hasn’t yet released iOS 13, which is still being beta tested, but the company launched the first beta of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 to developers for testing purposes.

On the other hand, Developers who have downloaded the profile for iOS 13 from the developer website will receive the iOS 13.1 beta instead.

Apple releases iOS 13.1 Beta

After the launch, developers are thinking, what is new in this version? One of the key changes in iOS 13.1 is seemingly restoring features that were initially available in iOS 13 but removed later in the beta testing process. This includes things such as Shortcuts Automations and the Share ETA functionality in Apple Maps.

Besides that, iOS 13.1 will allow Apple to continue beta testing such features, while also hitting its target for releasing iOS 13 in September. While, speaking of changes, the Shortcuts Automation tab is back after being removed in iOS 13 beta 5. Other than this, the Volume HUD now shows the icon for the connected device, including HomePod, Beats, and AirPods.

According to some information from 9to5mac, the New HomeKit icons from macOS are included in iOS now. Besides that new colors for dynamic wallpapers are added too. Other than this user will experience a new interface for tracking a shared ETA as well. There will fresh AirDrop icons for devices and updated Fonts settings panel are the part of this new Apple operating system.