Apple has an idea for a future HomePod patent that would offer an emoji version of Siri and LED lights. It is reported that it can give many information from weather to everything you like. Not only is that it also introducing new HomePod smart speakers as well. According to Apple, its upcoming HomePod smart speaker will “reinvent the way we enjoy music”.

On the other hand, experts say that the next HomePod patent could be a super-device. A smart and futuristic device, which can combines all of the features into a single product. If this happens, it could a gamer changer for smart homes.

Apple HomePod Patent

While talking about the few innovative ideas, the LEDs could perhaps respond and change when you wave your hand in front of it, using 3D gesture support. Emoji Siri can show different moods and expressions depending on the context it was in, Apple proposes. Apple even proposes a way for Siri to analyze the tone of your emails and read them back to you while showing a sad, happy, or angry face.

If you want to find out more about how Apple’s smart speaker works, check out this new patent application. It describes an Apple speaker that uses digital signal processing, microphones and algorithms to play perfectly equalized music.

The invention sets out to solve the problem of sound variability caused by a speaker’s physical location in a room. For instance, placing a speaker in the corner can cause a significant increase in radiated acoustic power at low frequencies. That results in muddy, bass-heavy sound.

“The position of the listener’s ears with respect to room boundaries will [also] affect the perceived frequency response in a similar manner,” Apple writes.

Apple’s solution utilizes a variety of microphones both inside and outside a sealed speaker enclosure. Onboard processing establishes the correct equalization filter, based on internal pressure levels, speaker displacement, external pressure and other data gathered by the microphone array.

Comparing readings from its internal and external microphones allows the speaker Apple describes to dynamically alter according to its environment. Remarkably, it’s capable of doing this in real time, rather than having to be calibrated in advance.