Apple already had the best tablet on the market with the iPad Pro, but for the company’s target audience of creative and tech-y professionals and hobbyists, that wasn’t always enough. Even the iPad “Pro” is confined that made it hard to see it as a true laptop alternative.

Apple announced a new, completely redesigned iPad Pro. The iPad Pro no longer has a home button; it’s all Face ID from here on out. Apple says that the new Liquid Retina display goes from edge to edge. It makes everything look gorgeous and feel responsive.

The Advancement

The new tablets come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes. The 12.9-inch model is especially surprising; it’s so light you can easily pick it up and holds it with just one hand .The difference in footprint between it and its predecessor is impossible to miss. The new iPad Pro has A12X Bionic chip technology. It is the smartest, most powerful chip ever made by the Apple. Chip has the Neural Engine, which runs five trillion operations per second and enables advanced machine learning. The A12X Bionic delivers 2x faster graphics. Resulting in, it makes iPad Pro the perfect machine for augmented reality and a great way to play immersive games. So, you can perform multitasking work on it.

The new Apple Pencil is more improved; it’s smaller with a flat edge and matte finish that makes it much easier to hold. It also charges wirelessly and magnetically paired with iPad pro. The Pencil also has a double-tap shortcut functions. By tapping the flat side twice in Notes switches from the pen to the eraser and back again.

iPad Pro comes in two great cameras equipped with Smart HDR. A 12MP camera great for stunning photos, 4K video, document scanning, and AR experiences. And a True-Depth camera perfect for Portrait selfies, FaceTime, Animoji, and Memoji.

Well, the new Keyboard is basically the same as the old one, but the Smart Connector has been moved to the bottom of the iPad. So, it connects slightly differently. Face ID works perfectly in landscape and in the keyboard cover. A neat trick is that you can just double tap the spacebar to open and unlock the iPad using Face ID, which is very fast.

The new iPad Pro starts at $799 (64GB) for the 11-inch model and $999 for the 12.9-inch size. If you spec it out with 1TB and LTE, the 12.9-inch model costs up to $1,899.