When it comes to being awarded for the best wireless headphones, all of the manufacturers try to win this award by focusing not only on improvements but also on innovations that make their products best from the rest. In this contest, they concentrate on all of the features including elegant design, audible sound, and quality. This quality competition is not only beneficial for them to win the race but also fruitful for their customers that they can get an advance headphone. So, we bring you a similar battle of Beats Solo3 vs Nuraphone wireless headphones as these two are the leading manufactures nowadays.

In this comparison, we will cover the complete review of their design, features, performance, and price that will make it easy for you to choose between them.

Beats Solo3 vs Nuraphone


The Beats Solo3 Wireless don’t lead in a tense design refresh from the outside, which to be honest is a conscious move on Apple’s part. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless made is much the same as ever, but it may make some people look at the price a little doubtfully. Most of the frame is plastic, with only the fold-up knee and the design of the headband made of metal for extra durability.

Beats Solo3

On the other hand, Nuraphone has a lot to talk about when it comes to design. After all, it is a pair of headphones that cleverly distances itself from the traditional wisdom surrounding most of its rivals. It looks to be a moderately standard pair of over-ear headphones and also got a slightly featureless plastic matt black design.



The fast Apple W1 chip delivers perfect settings and switching for your Apple devices. Connect with your device via Class 1 stereo Bluetooth for wireless listening. Beats deliver you the award-winning sound and design you prefer. It is an adaptable fit with comfort-cushion ear cups made for daily use. Smooth, sleek design that’s strong and foldable to go wherever you do. Receive calls, manage your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls and the most prominent feature is its noise isolation ability.

Beats solo3

Nuraphones are best defined as functionally modest. There are no physical buttons on the outline of the cups. Rather, they have touch-sensitive “buttons” on the left and right side permitting you to take control in a confined way. You can use them to change the volume, skip track, and pause and so on with a single or double-tap and these features are customizable through the app.


Performance and Sound Quality

The best thing about Beats Solo 3 is the technology that is used in its wireless abilities. We’re very pleased for wireless sets like this to last around 20 hours, and the predecessor Beats Solo 2 last 12 hours between charges, so this is a big improvement. They use a micro USB cable, although there’s no way to directly connect this to, and charge the headphones from, an iPhone Lightning port. Sound is amazingly cool and clear on the Solo3 Wireless, particularly at higher volumes. The bass is powerful, which is no wonder, but it’s not overwhelming at all.

Beats solo3

The main mystery is, how great do the Nuraphones sound and how efficient are they at stopping the ambient sound? As far as the matter of sound quality is concerned, that’s variable depending on your ears and how well the profiling process worked. But one thing is for sure, the sound quality in the Beats Solo 3 can’t compete with these more advanced and expensive audiophile headphones. It’s pitched very well for modern trending music. You’ll find the Nuraphones produce a pleasing balance between warmth and solidity in the mid- and low frequencies and a lot of cool detail without ever sounding jarring or fatiguing.



The Solo3 headphones will allow you a long time to enjoy. They charge via MicroUSB, and give you 40 hours of life off a single charge and also come with fast-charging, so five minutes of charge will provide you around three hours of life on your headphones.

This is the spot where Solo3 outrun Nuraphone. At 15-20 hours, battery life is reasonable but only half that of the longest-lasting Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones.


The Beats Solo3 are coming at the price of Solo3 is $199.95 while the Nuraphone is coming at the price range of $399.00 which is a bit expensive. 


You’re taking good advantage from the Solo3 Wireless because they sound excellent, pair and charge quickly and easily, and have automatic controls. The discussion used to be that you’re paying for brand and fashion, but with the Solo3, you’re paying for a lot more than that. You’re also getting exceptional battery life and ease-of-use of Apple’s new wireless audio technology.

The Nuraphone is a bold genre of headphones, which go beyond only capturing the modern trends in the market. Their tech sounds like the essence of fantasy. Add the fact that they’re superbly made, allow both digital and analog wired connectivity on top of Bluetooth aptX wireless music, sound exceptional and offer a host of smart features you won’t get elsewhere, and you have a very fine pair of headphones but at a high price.